Day when there is 5 every month "The Customers Waku Waku Day"

5th, 15th, 25th -
Day when there is 5 every month is The Customers Waku Waku Day!

■We stand by payment of electronic money
"WAON Cards"

■We stand by payment such as cash
Every use amount of money 200 yen (tax-included), the point is double both!
In "JMB WAON," mile doubles.

※We cannot make point overlap grant of "WAON POINT Cards" and "electronic money WAON Cards" "AEON CARD" into. We are given point of each Cards which processed cash register later.
※With charge account plan to increase other point campaign, points times cannot use together.
There is product excluding of privilege partly.
It may not be available in some specialty stores.

2016/08/04 updated