We create portrait♪

Birthday and memorial day, welcome Boards or Sunkus Boards of wedding ceremony
How about present of portrait?
Portrait person is Coco in Kyoto Eki Mae!

Kyoto nigaoe Kobou realizes portrait which portrait Aristrist more than carrier ten years and excellent portrait artist pray for happiness of customer, and gives Kokoro joy and moisture together!

In customer coming to Kyoto by sightseeing background of Kyoto.
Person who gets married in Kyoto realizes other portraits with portrait to remain as treasure throughout the life in various situation against a backdrop of ceremonial hall of Kyoto!

★We draw 4,000 yen ~ and do welcome Boards for wedding ceremony.
Please consult about inquiry of detailed price in the spot★

(colored paper size)
Color・・・1 people 1,600yen
Color・・・2 people 2,900yen
Color・・・3 people plus 1,000yen
Wedding ... 4,000 yen ~

From photograph
(colored paper size)
Color・・・1 people 3,200yen
Color・・・2 people 5,200yen
Color・・・3 people plus 1,500yen
Wedding ... 6,800 yen ~

Kyoto nigaoe Kobou nature play
TEL: 090-6602-0987 (directly)
※There is stationed-in-bike-race ticket service
※No regular holiday

Time From 10:00 to 21:00
Location Open space in front of the fourth floor of the Sakura building Icchoume Ichibanchi

2014/04/01 updated