Tax-free Shop

In AEON MALL KYOTO, you get up in some store as service for customer from foreign countries and can enjoy shopping in Tax-free.
※Person resident in Japan is out of Tax-free.

<store targeted for Tax-free>
The first floor
KOHYO (supermarket)
DACS (drugstore)
ZARA (ladies' men)
KANDA (jewelry shop)
SAC'S BAR (bag, clothing accessories)

The second floor
Tickets Shop Tokai (ticket brand, noble metal sale, purchase)
MUJI (life miscellaneous goods)
UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing (family)
Gap Factory Store (family)
FOREVER21 (ladies' men)
AZUL by moussy (ladies' men)
PLST (ladies' men)
LEPSIM (ladies')
Axes femme (ladies')
CUBE SUGAR (ladies')
Green Parks topic (ladies')
polcadot (Hats)
KANEKO OPTICAL Knaneko glasses (glasses)
Fran de lingerie (underwear)
tutuanna (Socks, underwear wear)
Manhattan Portage KYOTO (bag)
ELDORADO (ladies' Shoes)
Ogaki Shoten bookstore (Books, CD, DVD, Stationery) [kaede building]
Store specializing in pets PeTeMo (Pet Products) [kaede building]

The third floor
UNIQLO (family)
ONLY (ladies' men)
Right-on (ladies' men)
BRICK HOUSE shirt studio (ladies' men)
HIDEAWAYS (men's miscellaneous goods)
Pep-pit's (Baby Kids)
BILLABONG (surf shop)
Megane-Ichiba (glasses)
Central contact lenses (contact lenses)
Crocs by fam (Shoes)
Dream (crafts article)
Tenri musical instrument (musical instrument)
Jullia Olger (wig)
Super Sport Xebio (Sport) [kaede building]

The fourth floor
Sofmap (Personal Computers game, carrying)
VILLAGE VANGUARD (Books, miscellaneous goods)
Sylvanian-Families Mori-no-ouchi (Character Goods)
popondetta (railroad model)
BURGER & PUB shusshupopon (railroad Café & goods sale) ※Only as for the product sales

Sequentially in future correspondence store increase plan.

2014/12/11 updated