[TAG Heuer] [GUCCI] [LONGINES] Maintenance is fair

The price of reasonable overhaul was realized by asking for direct repair in our partner repair studio.

Overhaul (only as for the interior repair)
[TAG Heuer]
<mechanical> Three stitches: 19,000 yen (Tax-excluded) ~
<quartz> Three stitches: Price: 16,000 yen (Tax-excluded) ~

<mechanical> Two stitches of .3 stitches: 16,000 yen (Tax-excluded) ~
<quartz> Two stitches of .3 stitches: 13,000 yen (Tax-excluded) ~

<mechanical> Two stitches of .3 stitches: 19,000 yen (Tax-excluded) ~
<quartz> Two stitches of .3 stitches: 16,000 yen (Tax-excluded) ~

※About chronograph, it comes to support extra charge or maker. When digital model quartz perpetual calendar model, some two stitches, three stitches of models and exterior repair are included, it comes to support maker repair. (case Lew's glass bezel Buttons, clockface, needle, band)
※About case that case material is noble metals such as [18-karat gold] and special model, it comes to support estimate or maker separately.
※All kinds, parts charges become different. It is around 30-60 days about repair delivery date.

Specifically, please feel free to contact the store staff.

Schedule 2017/06/01 THU - 2017/08/31 THU
3F [326] / Watches
TEL: 075-661-5261

2017/06/14 updated