News of "Kyoto <reader expression of gratitude> book fair"

In Ogaki Shoten bookstore AEON MALL KYOTO shop,
Sponsorship: A general incorporated association Shuppan Azuzakai
Support: Kyoto Bookstore trade association

We hold "Kyoto <reader expression of gratitude> book fair"!

We sell topic book & longtime seller which member publishing company of Shuppan Azuzakai chose from children's book, illustrated book, life how-to book to the humanities, social science, the complete works more than 1,000 points at special price only for the whole exhibition period in bookstore 3 store in Kyoto-shi.

Sales floor scale, sale number of books is the largest together and, in Ogaki Shoten bookstore, performs fair among held bookstores.

Please drop in!

Schedule 2017/06/10 SAT - 2017/06/25 SUN
Location Event Space in shop
Ogaki Shoten bookstore
2F [230] / Books, CD, DVD, Stationery
TEL: 075-692-3331

2017/06/08 updated