Campaign at half price from the Batteries exchange second! The first 1,480 yen + tax ~

Wrist Watches of the purchase accepts Batteries exchange with pleasure in another store, too!

■Store specializing in Watches chain of relief and trust
■Three years Batteries capacity guarantee (we change running out of Batteries within three years free)

○Customer changed Batteries is band exchange 20% OFF
○It is 50% of Batteries exchange price OFF after the second by bringing more than two points of Batteries exchange

Quick service 15 minutes ~

We may need time depending on the number, kind.
About rate, delivery date, please feel free to contact to the staff.

Schedule 2017/07/01 SAT - 2017/08/31 THU
3F [326] / Watches
TEL: 075-661-5261

2017/07/13 updated