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Tax-Free Shop UnionPay Card

From 10:00 to 21:00


It is bookstore which can be idle of "time killing two hours guarantee". Let alone book at Confectionery, CD, bag Watches, kitchen appliances!
From usable thing to thing which is not usable, it is meeting in articles which filled up the shop!
Please make every day in VILLAGE VANGUARD which is good to place of wait wealthily!

Cards, gift certificate which is useing available

[electronic money]○
[gift coupon, gift certificate]○
[KYOTO member's card]○
[AEON gift card]○

We check other participation shop

Customer Thank-you Day

We present Confectionery by purchase more than tax-included 1,000 yen

20th .30 days "Customer Thank-you Day"

Wonderful privilege is got for payment AEON CARD, AEON bank card, WAON Cards (electronic money), the presentation of WAON POINT Cards!

※About target Cards which privilege is caught, it varies according to specialty store.
※Point grant by payment in WAON POINT Cards is received only in WAON POINT participation shop.
※There is store which we do not carry out including some specialty stores.
※There is product excluding partly.
※With other discount cannot use together.

Specifically, please refer to each specialty store.

We check other participation shop