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Select shop where "PLST" added stylish seasonal import item which we selected in each country while developing original line.
"The second basic" that both material and pattern evolved to fit various scenes of lifestyle is concept. Collection that original line had beautiful silhouette by a feeling of moderate fitting and well-thought design. We are particular about style like oneself and suggest ageless people with Antenna which is sensitive to the fashion to target.

Shop News

We introduce recommended new item☆

Hello, everyone!
It is PLST on the second floor of the PLST AEON MALL KYOTO shop♪

It is introduction with the latest product of Men's this time.
Item of sporty line using functional material debuts in PLST in this season♪♪
Dough that sutorrechi worked for length and breadth is hard to get wrinkled and is superior in water absorption quick-drying!
Outer can coordinate hem by side gathers and can wear pants in your favorite silhouette by the making of of West rubber cool♪♪

Furthermore, drawstring bag bag which is convenient for carrying around is attached to outer.
Upper bottom is Washing Machines together and becomes nice specifications called easy-care that you can care for♪♪
If there is this first place, it is to product that it is sure to get that you can utilize in various scenes.
Please try a feeling of new dough specialized in functionality at store♪♪

There is a lot of, besides, latest products preparation of product which we introduced this time.
Please drop in at this opportunity♪♪
We wait for your visit, all the staff heartily♪♪

Outer 36-8,204,013 13,000 yen (Tax-excluded)
Pants 36-8,206,020 7,990 yen (Tax-excluded)

Child care support

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20th, 30th "Customer Thank-you Day"

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