aqui agora pedido

aqui agora pedido

2F [204] Fashion / Family /

UnionPay Card WAON POINT

From 10:00 to 21:00


Large select store which brings on the mood of New York!
It is shop of adult who is high sense which bag Shoes, ACE full of trendy brand and individuality is of.

Shop News

Children's clothes perfection closeout sale!

Children's clothes "ruggedworks" perfection closeout sale!
Clothes of Kids, le coq Shoes, accessory
Last chance (^ o ^) / * to be able to buy in Kyoto

RISE bag perfection closeout sale

RISE perfection closeout sale!

We usually get bag, wallet more cheaply than price!
A lot of kinds only in Kyoto shop (^ - ^) are /

Commuting for trip, usual times business!
(≧∇≦) which is the last chance to be able to buy in Kyoto

≪RISE perfection closing a shop sale is held≫

To 9/9 (sat) ~ 10/1 (sun), we hold complete closing a shop sale!

Up to 50% of no leather products are OFF!

Schedule 2017/09/09 SAT - 2017/10/01 SUN

★After all it is shirt★

Hello, it is information for autumn new item from Akia Gola (^^♪

After all shirt ~ tto is to say and introduces clean skipper shirt of the chest this year♪
It is item which is most suitable for the just present time.
Please get! (^^)!

3 Colors 8,900 yen + tax of photograph 1... image
Colors, white, pink stripe two colors 7,900 yen + tax of photograph 2... image

★raugoa BAG uniform SALE★

It is Akia Gola in remodeling closing a shop SALE now☆
Meanwhile, it is guide of super bargain BAG corner usable now (^ o ^)

It is ... in uniform SALE
There are 1,000 yen, 2,000 yen, 3,000 yen, 4,000 yen, corner of 5,000 yen!
First come, first served ★Please come to see (^ o ^); /

Instagram campaign

Please search in aquiagora_kyoto!

●You have inside between from Friday, September 1 to Saturday, September 30 period, Instagram of aquiagorapedido Kyoto store respond, and be accompanied by hashtag of # akiagorapejido and aquiagorapedido Kyoto store and tag and do image in purchase and shop, and please post♪

We lift 1,000 yen off ticket which is usable in one that we posted from Friday, September 1.
Specifically, ask to the staff!

Schedule 2017/09/01 FRI - 2017/09/30 SAT

★Remodeling closing a shop SALE★

Thank you for usually favoring Akia Gola pe Gide Kyoto more.
We start "remodeling closing a shop SALE" on Saturday, September 2 for remodeling!
We offer assortment of goods which is usable in all seasons abundantly and wait for visit of all of you.

Remodeling closing a shop SALE
From Saturday, September 2 to Sunday, October 1
In RISE back corner, closeout sale is held from Saturday, September 9!

※"herubechikaborudo" closes "ruggedworks" of Kids on October 1 in "the Como dopp last" of RISE.
We cause closing a shop inconvenience nuisance in remodeling.
New shop remodeling is going to open on Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

From Thursday, October 12 to Thursday, October 19
70% OFF ~ 40% OFF
Location Sakura building the first floor Center Court

Schedule 2017/09/02 SAT - 2017/10/01 SUN

Bustier coordination!

Trendy bustiers are received!

One bustier of this autumn trendy item.
We transform ourselves into styling that there is topicality in when we make coordinates to denim and skirt!
Please check in shop (^^); /

The latest arrival!

The new color Colors arrival!
West gathers tencel pants: 14,000 yen +tax

Our shop repeater rate, No. 1 (^^) /
Easy specifications to create adult woman in feel of texture and silhouette are one of the reasons of popularity.
Unique silhouette which turned down rubber part of West inward is point!
A good gathers produce vertical lines; (*^_^*) effective style improving

Be superior to elasticity, absorbency, and cloth for twill using tencel of moist fluent feel is comfortable; wear, and is feeling!

In SHOP festival (festival) thyme [renewal one lap anniversary]

<common in the night and day>
Remodeling closing a shop SALE ~ sellout ~
Store product 50% - 70% OFF
※There is some exclusion product

renewal one lap anniversary /

It is festival (festival) thyme in SHOP
Special plan that privilege turns into in noon and night of the first anniversary!

 Lunch festival (D festival) 
While day appears; Go!
OPEN ~ 17:00

 Night festival (Ney festival) 
If it becomes dark; Go!
17:00 ~ CLOSE

Contents of advantageous privilege, service of each shop are this

We check other participation shop

Cards, gift certificate which is useing available

[electronic money]○
[gift coupon, gift certificate]○
[AEON gift card]○

It is Cards which is useing available, information for gift certificate.
Specifically, please refer to each specialty store.
※Contents may be changed without notice. Approve.

■Credit card which is useing available

■Gift certificate which is useing available
AEON / Mycal / Bonn Berta / Bonn Berta Isejin / Tachibana department store /VJA (VISA) /JCB/UC/ Mitsubishi UFJNICOS/NICOS/DC/ Diners royal check /AMEX/ AEON shopping ticket (there is on expiration date) / AEON credit shopping discount ticket (there is on expiration date)

■Electronic money that is useing available

■Electronic gift card which is useing available
AEON gift card

We check other participation shop

Latest item feature of 2017 autumns

Advantageous Cards of specialty store

[point condition]
One seals every purchase 1,000 yen.
But, only in the case of credit, we seal every 10,000 yen.

[Cards privilege]
In the case of purchase, it is available as cash voucher of 3,000 yen more than 15,000 yen at 20 perfect scores.

Discount product is inapplicable