Aqui agora pedido GRANCH

Aqui agora pedido GRANCH

Sakura building

2F [205] Fashion / Ladies' /

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From 10:00 to 21:00


Large select store which brings on the mood of New York!
It is shop of adult who is high sense which bag Shoes, ACE full of trendy brand and individuality is of.

Shop News

Period limited sale bag!

Period limited sale!
RISE bag revived (^. ^)

It is made in Japan and sells rucksack and tote bag of popular series for a limited time!

It is for commuting and, with size that A4 size is included in, takes rucksack in conformity to suit (o ^^ o)
Tote is light and shoulder familiarity is good and is easy to have and becomes easy to see the inside as there is drill!

It is ... for graduation, entrance to school

It is time of graduation, entrance to school soon.
Is it ... that Arrived yokana, everybody would do what to anything?
Please look in Akia Gola to one that how many times is from the first one★

It is introduction of three points of SET of dress jacket skirt this time.
Skirt that jacket which is slightly mobile to dress which is simple, and is usable in mourning, a feeling of length are moderate.
It is tax-included 19,440 yen with these three points!
There are different colors and model difference, too (^ o ^)
In addition, there are other recommended clothes for ceremony♪
Please come to see!

Wide pants with suspenders

Wide pants which suspenders can remove for a feeling of smooth dough are available!

Wide pants 12,000 yen + tax with suspenders

Thing and coordination shitemitekudasaine ^ o ^ with Tops and the volume that sleeve has design

Dot print wide pants!

Dot print wide pants!

In small dot print wide, we put green shirts of soft hue like spring together!

Stylish grade improves just to put on camel-colored trench coat from the top!

To blouson!

The salopette arrival!

The salopette arrival!

We matched with blouse of gingham check!
We take off salopette in wide Fasteners and are easy to do Arrived, and, as for some back, there is expansion and contraction.

To tops of lace, may be good for the second meeting party; shin (^^)

There is khaki color taste!

Entrance to school-style that is a graduate

Entrance to school-style that is a graduate
Do you less coordinate with suit with a whack in Style which you can usually mix-and-match?
Wide pants and blouse are refined, and there is jacket of haori which is usually put together with denim more!
Please check; (≧∇≦)

★Graduating students' party to honor teachers, wedding ceremony, party etc...★

Hello (^ v ^)
Cold day continues, but is already the New Year!
Please come from now on to see one and various invites writing down the party scene in, the clothing on fine day to meet graduation by all means♪
We think that we can surely come across favorite (^ o ^)

Dress ... 14,800 yen (tax-included 15,984 yen) ~
Bolero shawl ... 4,900 yen (tax-included 5,292 yen) ~
Shoes ... 9,800 yen (tax-included 10,584 yen) ~
Bag ... 6,900 yen (tax-included 7,452 yen) ~

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It is Cards which is useing available, information for gift certificate.
※For more details, please refer to each specialty store.
※Contents may be changed without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

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Come, and turn spring makeover; coordination

White day Gifts feature

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[point condition]
One seals every purchase 1,000 yen.
But, only in the case of credit, we seal every 10,000 yen.

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In the case of purchase, it is available as cash voucher of 3,000 yen more than 15,000 yen at 20 perfect scores.

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