Ogaki Shoten bookstore

Ogaki Shoten bookstore

Kaede building

2F [230] Fashion goods & lifestyle goods / Books, CD, DVD, Stationery /

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From 10:00 to 21:00 ticket PIA from 11:00 to 20:00



Bookstore birth largest in Kyoto. Assortment of goods and service substantial from picture book to technical book in one floor. We have abundant CD, DVD, Stationery, Brain Training Toys, too.

Child care support

All Stationery section handling product article 5% OFF 
※Other coupons, combination with other services are impossible

★Cheers! for MAMA AEON MALL privilege★

Wonderful privilege, service is received when we have support shop exhibit Cards application issued in Kyoto!

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Information for Cards, gift certificate which is useing available

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It is Cards which is useing available, information for gift certificate.
※For more details, please refer to each specialty store.
※Contents may be changed without notice. Thank you for your understanding.

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Customer Thank-you Day

Notebooks Memos 5%OFF
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20th, 30th "Customer Thank-you Day"

AEON CARD, AEON bank card, ICOCA, WAON Cards (electronic money), one of WAON POINT Cards are caught advantageous privilege by exhibition!

※About target Cards which privilege is caught, it varies according to specialty stores
※When privilege of updated is received, please exhibit target Cards before the check by all means
※Point grant of WAON POINT Cards is received only in WAON POINT participation shop
※There is store which we do not carry out partly
※There is product excluding partly
※Discount becomes discount from each shop normal price
※With other discount cannot use together
※We may cancel service without notice. Thank you for your understanding beforehand

For more details, please refer to each specialty store.

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Advantageous Cards of specialty store

[point condition]
We present Books, Magazines, Stationery, target product including miscellaneous goods to every one point of presentation, CD, DVD purchase 100 yen 5 points every purchase 100 yen.

[Cards privilege]
We return as point ticket that we can use every 100 points in Ogaki Shoten bookstore group (for 100 yen).

Payment except cash is 1 point every 200 yen.
It is available in Ogaki Shoten bookstore group except some store.


General ranking

It is general ranking of from March 12 to March 18.

1 Rank How do comics you live? Genzaburo Yoshino / original Shoichi Haga / comics Magazine House
2 Rank oshiritanteiayaushitanteijimusho It is got tororu / fence Poplar company
3 Rank It is blue and has a pain and is fragile House field stops by KADOKAWA
4 Rank Medieval history of plot in Japan Yuichi Goza KADOKAWA
5 Rank We get married each other for 40 generations takaginaoko KADOKAWA
6 Rank How to eat skill in meal strongest 68 right medically that we examined 200,000 textbooks and understood which doctor tells Zenji Makita Daiyamondosha
7 Rank Do not fight against fool even if you get mad! Method to do human relations just as wanted, and to realize the best performance Kotaro Tamura Asahi Shimbun publication
8 Rank It is 100 years old in impishness! Jakucho Seo manaho Kobunsha
9 Rank Gion / Karasuma / Kyoto Station Kyoto one dinner Keihanshin district ELLE magazine company
10 Rank How do you live? Genzaburo Yoshino Magazine House

Library ranking

It is library ranking of from March 12 to March 18.

1 Rank Holmes 9 of Teramachi, Kyoto Article 3 Mochizuki hemp batter Futaba Corporation
2 Rank Lah positive witch Keigo Higashino KADOKAWA
3 Rank Long rain at first is library newly written work / chohenjidaishosetsukichihararidoshinsho 3 Yasuhide Saeki Kobunsha
4 Rank Hundred million men Genki Kawamura Bungeishunju Ltd.
5 Rank Last winter, you and parting Fuminori Nakamura Illusion winter building
6 Rank Forest of sheep and steel Natsu Miyashita Bungeishunju Ltd.
7 Rank Decision of the sex Hideto Ueda Illusion winter building
8 Rank Cry of darkness Shunnichi Doba Bungeishunju Ltd.
9 Rank The four seasons of mistress shop Hideto Ueda Illusion winter building
10 Rank It was love such as cherry tree Mii Hirose Futaba Corporation

Comics ranking

It is comics ranking of from March 12 to March 18.

1 Rank ONE PIECE winding 88 Eiichiro Oda Shueisha
2 Rank A act 2 11 of diamond Yuji Terashima Kodansha
3 Rank We 9 who waits in spring anashin Kodansha
4 Rank yuru CAN △ 6 Oh, it is f ro Hobunsha
5 Rank Matter 7 that was slime when we transmigrated fusese / original Taiki Kawakami / comics mittsuba / characters original bill Kodansha
6 Rank Sky 49 of duck Takeshi Hyuga Kodansha
7 Rank MAJOR 2nd 13 Takuya Mitsuta Shogakukan
8 Rank DAYS 26 Takeshi Yasuda Kodansha
9 Rank Furumi is Komi symptom. Volume8 odatomohito Shogakukan
10 Rank Holmes 1 of Teramachi, Kyoto Article 3 Ichiha Akizuki / drawing Mochizuki hemp batter / original Yamauchi Shizu / characters original bill Futaba Corporation