Ogaki Shoten bookstore

Ogaki Shoten bookstore

2F [230] Fashion goods & lifestyle goods / Books, CD, DVD, Stationery / Kaede building /

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Bookstore birth largest in Kyoto. Assortment of goods and service substantial from picture book to technical book in one floor. We have abundant CD, DVD, Stationery, Brain Training Toys, too.

Child care support

All Stationery section handling product article 5% OFF 
※Other coupons, combination with other services are impossible.

★Cheers! for MAMA AEON MALL privilege★

Wonderful privilege, service is received when we have support shop exhibit Cards application issued in Kyoto!

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Cards, gift certificate which is useing available

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Customer Thank-you Day

Notebooks Memos 5%OFF
※There is some exclusion product

20th .30 days "Customer Thank-you Day"

Wonderful privilege is got for payment AEON CARD, AEON bank card, WAON Cards (electronic money), the presentation of WAON POINT Cards!

※About target Cards which privilege is caught, it varies according to specialty store.
※Point grant by payment in WAON POINT Cards is received only in WAON POINT participation shop.
※There is store which we do not carry out including some specialty stores.
※There is product excluding partly.
※With other discount cannot use together.

Specifically, please refer to each specialty store.

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Advantageous Cards of specialty store

[point condition]
We present Books, Magazines, Stationery, target product including miscellaneous goods to every one point of presentation, CD, DVD purchase 100 yen 5 points every purchase 100 yen.

[Cards privilege]
We return as point ticket that we can use every 100 points in Ogaki Shoten bookstore group (for 100 yen).

Payment except cash is 1 point every 200 yen.
It is available in Ogaki Shoten bookstore group except some store.


General ranking

It is general ranking of from June 19 to June 25.

1 Rank Encyclopedia of disappointing breath sequel to is interesting! Wonder of evolution Fumie / picture Sachiyo Fukui / picture Muses work / picture Takashi Maruyama / sentence between Tadaaki Imaizumi / supervision bottoms TAKAHASHI SHOTEN
2 Rank Yes, kanji drill elementary school 1-6 years student when character drill Nihonichi not to release is fun Sentence sound company
3 Rank Let's apologize to Korea now Naoki Hyakuta Asuka new company
4 Rank Human trunk reset diet that model wants to make secret Kenichi Sakuma Sunmark Publishing
5 Rank If I hate pneumonia, strengthen throat Koichiro Nishiyama Asuka new company
6 Rank Many power Takafumi Horie Illusion winter building
7 Rank Encyclopedia of disappointing breath is interesting! Wonder of evolution Fumie / picture Akiko Tokunaga / picture Fuyumi Kawamura / picture between Tadaaki Imaizumi / supervision bottoms TAKAHASHI SHOTEN
8 Rank Theater Naoki Matayoshi Shinchosha
9 Rank Chinese and Korean tragedy which were influenced by Confucianism Kent Gilbert Kodansha
10 Rank Bra Tamori 7 The NHK "Bra Tamori" production group / supervision KADOKAWA

Library ranking

It is library ranking of from June 19 to June 25.

1 Rank Kimisui/Kimi no Suizo wo Tabetai House field stops by Futaba Corporation
2 Rank King 1.2 of deer Naoko Uehashi KADOKAWA
3 Rank Religious community X Fuminori Nakamura Shueisha
4 Rank The 22nd-year confession I am murderer Hamaguchi Rintaro Kodansha
5 Rank Midnight baker [6] Noriko Onuma Poplar company
6 Rank Akira and autumn and others Jun Ikeido Tokuma Shoten
7 Rank Vacant cross Keigo Higashino Kobunsha
8 Rank Innocent D The early Miwa truth Shinchosha
9 Rank takehiden 8 Kenzo Kitakata Shueisha
10 Rank Cause and effect Hideto Ueda Kodansha

Comics ranking

It is comics ranking of from June 19 to June 25.

1 Rank Tokyo Ghoul (Tokyo ghoul): re 11 Ishida Sui Shueisha
2 Rank Space brothers 31 shosanchukana Kodansha
3 Rank beruseruku 39 Kentaro Miura Shiroizumi Corporation
4 Rank Magian The labyrinth of magic 34 Shinobu Otaka Shogakukan
5 Rank Welcome it is Sweep over the Dance hall. to Ballroom 9 Takeuchi friend Kodansha
6 Rank Bet keg Louis 7 naomura* SQUARE ENIX
7 Rank Ko throat re-18 Bell no tree Yu Kodansha
8 Rank Adventure 14 of Magian Sindbad the Sailor History of Shinobu Otaka / original cathedral justice / comics Shogakukan
9 Rank Food human Starving Anonymous 3 Storehouse stone Yu / original inabekazu / comics Kengo Mizutani / original bill Kodansha
10 Rank barakamon 15 Yoshino azalea SQUARE ENIX