KANEKO OPTICAL Kaneko glasses

KANEKO OPTICAL Kaneko glasses

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KANEKO OPTICAL is shop that Kaneko glasses which kept moving forward with "Fukui, Sabae" sprinkle glasses production center and send good good-quality Glasses of feeling.

Shop News

Masterpiece of craftsman "tsunehitomisaku", the arrival after a long absence!

Popular name "samonto" of buroutaipu by Hisashi Yamazaki Hitomi is model to have sun platinum and classic atmosphere using celluloid to material.
Sun platinum was ever pronominal material of high-quality glasses frame as material which was hard to corrode.
The skill of craftsman whom combination with celluloid continued polishing beautifully shines.

Article number: T-255R
Price: 38,880 yen (tax-included)

KANEKO Vintage series "KV-84" is available!

samonto of intellectual, gentle expression
Kaneko glasses "KV-84" 34,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Nostalgic design which added silhouette with roundness to bass in conventional samonto.
We create expression that is very intellectual, and is gentle that is different from square shape in flavor.
Let alone basic "black cell X silver rim," it is form to look good with Colors system such as "navy bamboo grass X antique gold" well.

Please try when you are in the neighborhood at store.

The Hachiro Hata carefully made latest "EXCLUSIVE-IX" arrival

Hachiro Hata was carefully made, and "EXCLUSIVE-IX" was received.
Complete new item was released after an interval of approximately six years by "producing Hachiro Hata carefully" that we had deep-rooted popularity from the early days of Kaneko glasses.
It is finished to clean silhouette in on the small side that there was not for conventional model, and it is one which we usually use and are easy to do.
It is easy to fit into eye by letting the front upper part curve gently and controls impression that is apt to become sharp.
Because most of our shop handling products become few production, store may be sold out, approve beforehand.
Sorry for your inconvenience, but I would like notification to our shop if you have any questions.
We look forward to your visit.

Hachiro Hata is carefully made
Article number: EXCLUSIVE-IX
Price: 34,560 yen (tax-included)

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