KANEKO OPTICAL Kaneko glasses

KANEKO OPTICAL Kaneko glasses

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KANEKO OPTICAL is shop that Kaneko glasses which kept moving forward with "Fukui, Sabae" sprinkle glasses production center and send good good-quality Glasses of feeling.

Shop News

KANEKO Vintage series "KV-32" is available again!

Something round frame
Kaneko glasses "KV-32"

KV-32 of round presents cell ring specifications that garnished Leather plating which reproduced leather feel of a material and metal rim with acetate.
Leather plating given by special technique is special plating which Leather-style expressed by letting the surface wake up crack daringly.

Color development of cell ring is good, too and can enjoy feel of a material of Leather.
Each hue please enjoy is classical, making.

34,000 yen + tax.

Please try by all means at store.

KANEKO Vintage series "KV-09" is available again!

Model that simple Boston model of titanium material put cell roll only for the upper part.
In late years we come to rarely see cell winding, but are intellectual eyewear creating calm atmosphere.

Kaneko glasses vintage series
Article number: KV-09
Price: 38,880 yen (tax-included)

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