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Super Sports Xebio

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Assortment of goods substantial mainly on famous brand including sportswear Shoes as for baseball, the soccer tennis to competition article and outdoor article.

Shop News

Original T-shirt campaign

Under T-shirt campaign conduct original in Super Sports Xebio!
Do you not make original T-shirt only for oneself with club activities, circle class, athletic meet?
By order from ten pieces of T-shirt charges + plate-making charges + print charges 1,990 yen (tax-included) per one piece

Specifically, ask to the store staff!

Schedule 2017/05/27 SAT - 2017/07/31 MON

★AEON MALL sale★

Some products 20% - 40% OFF in shop

== = = = = = = = = = = = =
      6/23 (fri) START!
  AEON MALL sale
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  Sale to dance “ heart! "

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Child care support

We discount by 5% if you can show Passport and PID Cards (players ID card, Cards for exclusive use of cash for exclusive use of student) and two pieces. Furthermore, PID Cards has the points.
・It becomes Cards for exclusive use of cash payment.
・PID Cards is enrollment fee 100 yen.
・With other discount cannot use together.
・PID Cards becomes Cards for exclusive use of students from primary schoolchild to 20 years old.

★Cheers! for MAMA AEON MALL privilege★

Wonderful privilege, service is received when we have support shop exhibit Cards application issued in Kyoto!

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Cards, gift certificate which is useing available

[credit] X ※There is exclusion Cards 
[electronic money] X ※There is exclusion Cards
[gift coupon, gift certificate] X ※There is exclusion Cards
[AEON gift card] X

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Advantageous Cards of specialty store

Under recruitment of Xebio Cards Victoria Cards member!
The points collect; for member-limited discount special treatment sale invitations
It is advantageous privilege various credit cards.
Specifically, ask to brochure of the enrollment, sales floor suta.