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  • "Blood of segment wolf" [R15+]
    Pub. Date: Saturday, May 12

    Supervision: Kazuya Shiraishi
    The original: Hiroko Yuzuki ("blood of segment wolf" Kadokawa library)
    The cast: Koji Yakusho / Tori Matsuzaka / Yoko Maki / ombi*shin / Taro Suruga / Tomoya Nakamura / Junko Abe / Kenichi Takito / Kennichi Yajima / Tomorowo Taguchi / Shido Nakamura / Yutaka Takenouchi / Pierre waterfall / Renji Ishibashi / Yosuke Eguchi

    Blood men earnest desire who are heated, and make meat excited!
    We filmize the same name original described as "fight without the police novel X humanity and justice" in the luxurious casts including Koji Yakusho X Tori Matsuzaka X Yosuke Eguchi X Yutaka Takenouchi!
    This product of ecstasy and enthusiasm that body is fascinated by.
    In 1988, detective, yakuza and woman describe way of life to fight for survival in chest in each justice and honor on the stage of aerial city, Kure Hara of Hiroshima just before anti-gangster law establishment.
    Roar and gunshot to be stuck to violence, Eros, ear.
    Person watching is warmed by vivid greed, Kokoro is burn sudarou by all means.

    (C) 2018 "blood of segment wolf" production Committee

  • "Magic of Florida project midsummer" [normal subtitles]
    Pub. Date: Saturday, May 12

    Supervision, script, editing, production: Sean Baker
    The cast: Brooklyn Kimberly Prince / Willem Dafoe / yellowtail a vineito / Valelia cot / Christopher Rivera

    Summer of immortality that is sad, and is beautiful―
    The true Cal end that anyone who tided over even happy ending has not watched that we waited for two people!
    Haley of 6-year-old Mooney and mother lost house to settle down in and lived from hand to mouth in cheap motel in near Florida Disney world.
    Mooney spent every day filled with adventure with children who lived in motel, and manager Bobby of motel always watched such children kindly strictly.
    However, it is ... in a certain event being a chance, and reality casting a shadow for dreamlike days of Mooney.

    (C) 2017 Florida Project 2016, LLC.

  • "Peter Rabbit"
    Pub. Date: Friday, May 18

    Supervision: Will gurakku
    The cast: Rose barn / dough null Gleason / Sam Neil
    The cast (voice): Daisy Ridley / Elizabeth debikki / Margot lobby / James Coe den

    Peter of rabbit loved in the world filmizes long-awaited live-action film in Hollywood!
    Rabbit which Peter is the world, and is the happiest.
    Among many friends, there is best friend gentle at heart called beer of painter.
    However, one day life of Peter changes completely because MacGregor of animalphobia moved in to the neighbor for honesty symptom!
    Is going to send away Peter who wants to keep conventional happiness and animals, competing with MacGregor is ... in escalating.
    Furthermore, "love Kokoro to beer gets twisted up, too", and it is developed by unexpected great event!


  • "Orchid page huge animal size scuffle"
    Pub. Date: Friday, May 18

    Supervision / production: Brad Payton
    Production total conduct: doein Johnson
    The cast: doein Johnson / Naomi Harris / Jeffrey Dean Morgan others

    Becoming gigantic does not stop! Huge Kaijyu panic action!
    While strongest huge animals above the ground destroy all, we cross the North American Continent.
    ... that it began before anyone of the human noticed.
    By failure of gene experiment proud of latest o to, what common animals evolved suddenly!
    gorilla, wolf, crocodile become gigantic intensely and become brutal.
    Great scuffle that the land, the sea, the sky does not care and commits all kinds of destruction in town begins!
    To human beings that creature pyramid was overturned overnight, can you stop great scuffle of huge animals?


  • "Kamen Rider Amazons's THE MOVIE last no umpire"
    Pub. Date: Saturday, May 19

    Supervision: Hidenori Ishida
    The cast: Fujita wealth / Satoshi Taniguchi / Reina Takeda / Eastern Asia A / Kota Miura / shunfujikori / paddy tree Yoshiji / Kazuya Tanabe / Kanon Miyahara / Katsuya / **yu / Sena Koda / Yu Kamio / Takako Katou / Takashi Fujiki

    Filmization long-awaited by support that "Kamen Rider Amazons's" is enthusiastic delivered on Amazon prime video from 2016!
    We surround artificial life form Amazon and it and describe "life" with human being and person rolled up of person non-colander.
    The Amazon where survival is confirmed in the world two remainder, "Yu Mizusawa / Kamen Rider Amazon OMEGA" and "takasanjin / Kamen Rider Amazon alpha."
    ... which all should have ended in if we hunted these two bodies.
    Hardship and tangle of hero standing in interval of "thing living in the present age" come to an end.
    With end of * and jin tossed about for intense fate.

    (C) Professional player "Kamen Rider Amazons's" production Committee (C) Ishimori, TOEI

  • Like "rain as for the love"
    Pub. Date: Friday, May 25

    The original: Like new moon order "rain as for the love" (Shogakukan "weekly publication big comics Spirits")
    Supervision: Akira Nagai
    The cast: Nana Komatsu / Yo Oizumi / Nana Kiyono / Hayato Isomura / Shono Hayama / Honioi, Matsumoto / Maika Yamamoto / Hamada Mali / Shigeyuki Bekki / Yo Yoshida

    We filmize live-action film of fan expectation without quite popular original comics representing delicate single thought remaining via making into TV anime naturally!
    Nana Komatsu X Yo Oizumi gorgeousness first costarring work!
    In [Tachibana autumn and others] (17) of eleventh grader, land dream is quitted for injury of Achilles' tendon.
    It was absentminded in family restaurant which entered accidentally, and it was [Masami Kondo] (45) of manager that called out kindly.
    [autumn and others] begins byte in family restaurant triggered by it.
    In divorced mothers, we hold secret love Kokoro in older [Kondo] all the time.
    Too honest 17 years old, 45 years old not to be improved.
    Story of shelter of the life coming to two.

    (C) "Love is production Committee 2018 movies like rain"
    (C) 2014 new moon order / Shogakukan

  • "Family hatsuraiyo III like rose wife"
    Pub. Date: Friday, May 25

    The original: Yoji Yamada
    The cast: Isao Hashizume / Kazuko Yoshiyuki / Nishimura masa hiko / Yui Natsukawa / Tomoko Nakajima / Shozo Hayashiya / Satoshi Tsumabuki / Yu Aoi / Fujiyama Jiro Oogi / Yuriko Hirooka / Masayasu Kitayama / Yuki Onuma / So Kobayashi / brook picture Rei / Tokunaga says; come; / Nenji Kobayashi / death of a love Jun / Katsumi Koba / Shiraku Tatekawa / Takashi Sasano / Shofukutei Tsurube (special appearance)

    All women having useless husband sympathize laughingly!
    Drama of family whom Manager Yoji Yamada who can cry heartily, and is encouraged gives.
    We resign as us <housewife>!
    The biggest pinch visits home in revolt of wife in history wham-bam!
    Flat country house to live on the third generation for noisily.
    One day secret savings that housewife, Fumie (Yui Natsukawa) saved steadily were stolen?
    It is storm of "did you do secret savings for money which I earned?!" and sarcasm from husband, kokorejo (Nishimura masa hiko).
    Patience reaches limit at last, too, and Fumie jumps out of house.
    Living of family that housewife has disappeared is tumultuous!
    It is ... for crisis of family collapse?

    (C) It is "family hatsuraiyo III production Committee like rose wife"

  • "Friend punishment"
    Pub. Date: Friday, May 25

    Supervision, script: Takahisa Zeze
    The cast: Toma Ikuta / Eita / Kaho / Yamamoto Mizuki / Yasuko Tomita / Eita Okuno / Kaoru Iida / Mantaro Koichi / Kennichi Yajima / Aoki sublimity / Shugo Oshinari / Naomi Nishida / Atsushi Murakami / Reiko Kataoka / Ishida heir to Buddhist tradition / Ai Kitaura / Maki Sakai / Kanji Furutachi / Shohei Uno / Nobumitsu Onishi / Makiko Watanabe / Ken Mitsuishi / Koichi Sato

    "Case" that changed the many lives conclusively began in meeting point of two men.
    Suzuki who avoids Masuda of former weekly journalist who has begun to work in a certain small factory in town and interchange with another person rigidly.
    Common point is two people whom there was nothing, but brings up the friendship little by little while we live in the same dormitory.
    Meanwhile, child murder case happens near town where they live in, and brutality case and similarity that shook Japanese average in SNS 17 years ago have pointed out.
    Boy A of criminal who was 14 years old has been already discharged from prison and is to have possibilities to be his crime this time in those days.
    Masuda who saw photograph of boy A which spread in net is shocked.
    ... which Suzuki who stayed of childishness still appeared in there.
    - where Watches which past and present of two mixes, and stopped from that day begins to move now.

    (C) Mt. medicine-maru / Shueisha (C) 2018 movie "friend punishment" production Committee

  • "Ransom money of the Gettys" [R15+]
    Pub. Date: Friday, May 25

    Supervision, produce: Ridley Scott
    The cast: Michel Williams / Christopher Plummer / Mark Wahlberg / Romain Duris / Charlie Plummer / Timothy Hutton

    World's best super-wealth refused ransom money payment of kidnapped grandchild decidedly.
    Splendid, abnormal masterpiece suspense based on true story!
    We had kidnapping that shook the world including Japan in 1973.
    Grandchild of American oil magnate Jean-Paul Getty that hostage is [world's best super-wealth], John Paul Getty III.
    It was famous even that Getty having assets of 5 billion dollars (1,400 billion yen) refused payment of ransom money, and, in spite of being special ransom money of 17 million dollars (approximately 5 billion yen) going away, even Japan was greatly reported.
    However, it is not known for the backside of this case very much that there was mother of hostage who continued fighting against kidnapper among Getty refusing ransom money.
    How did "mother of standard home" who left the clans by divorce confront two powerful enemies?


  • "Dog ka island"
    Pub. Date: Friday, May 25

    Supervision, story, script, production: Wes Anderson
    The cast: Coe you Rankine / Reeve Schreiber / Brian Cranston / Edward Norton / Bob rose van / Bill Murray / Jeff gold Blum / scarlet yohanson /F, Marley Abraham / Tilda Swinton / yamurakunshi / Akira Takayama / Akira Ito / Yoko Ono / Greta gauigu / Nijiro Murakami / Frances McDormand / Yojiro Noda / Ken Watanabe / Mari Natsuki / Harvey Keitel / Fischer Stevens / Courtenay B Vance

    Whole book stop motion animation representing magnificent trip and adventure of boy in search of pet dog which disappeared on the stage of Japan and dogs!
    Japan 20 years after now.
    Dog disease spreads in mega sakishi and declares when Mayor Kobayashi for fear of infection to human being expels all dogs in "dog ka island".
    Several months later, dogs with anger and sorrow and hunger wandered in dog ka island.
    One boy gets down on island by small plane once.
    His name is adopted child of Mayor Kobayashi who came to look for supottsu which was hit, guards dog.
    For hit, it was close friend whom only supottsu could trust.
    ... that it was thought that supottsu had died without being able to exit from cage which worked of key, but "dog" was different as for it?

    (C) 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

  • "The Lelouch III Imperial Way of cord gears treason"
    Pub. Date: Saturday, May 26

    Supervision, constitution: Goro Taniguchi
    The cast: Jun Fukuyama / Takahiro Sakurai / yukana / Kaori Nazuka / Ami Koshimizu / Mika Kanai / Saori Sudo / Hikaru Midorikawa / Yuji Takada / Mitsuaki Madono / Masayo Kurata / Nobuyuki Hiyama / Atsushi Kisaichi / Yasuyuki Kase / Takahiro Mizushima / NARITA sword / Saeko Chiba / Tetsu Shiratori / Kikuko Inoue / Satomi Arai / Ohara sheath or / Tomiko Origasa / Noriaki Sugiyama / hoshisoichi* / Yuko Goto / Norihiro Inoue / Kozo Mito / Uchida wisdom / Joji Nakata / Junko Minakawa / Yoshiyuki Kono / Akino Watanabe / Hitoshi Yamanoi / kawajoeikorekai / Asako Dodo / Norio Wakamoto

    Make theater three copies product; and long-awaited conclusion!
    Black prince, Lelouch reincarnation ・・!
    Prince, Lelouch of oblivion that mother was killed by someone, and country was pursued by the holy Britannia empire emperor who was father.
    He lived while hiding the real identity in Japanese - - area 11 occupied by holy Britannia empire.
    Overthrow of holy Britannia empire which let mother result in death, and took freedom of eyes and foot of younger sister Nana Lee.
    Mysterious beautiful girl C. C. - - which ambition of Lelouch turns to realization when power, gears of the observance were certainly granted by this, and begins to move.
    Roman picaresque which is splendid after time of ten years again!

    (C) SUNRISE/PROJECT L-GEASS Character Design (C) 2006-2017 CLAMP, ST

  • "zenigata" [R15+]
    Pub. Date: Saturday, May 26

    Supervision: Shinya Ayabe
    The cast: Ryohei Otani / Katsuya Kobayashi / Manami Satsukawa / Shunsuke Tanaka / Hiroki Tamaki / Kenji Iwatani / Hiroya Matsuura / Yagi Arisa / pea / Takumi Tsuchida / Masato Yoshihara / Yumi Adachi / Takeshi Masu / Kiyohiko Shibukawa

    Dark hero birth that is dangerous to the ultimate.
    Forbidden darkness gold pikaresuku covered with money and desire is filmization of shock.
    Darkness luxurious golden mansion to be fresh, and to drive debtor into which loans money with super excessive profit of 30% officially in bar manager but the back in ten days, and is severe.
    Miss cabaret club and people who smolder in former boxer, district where visitor undertakes bodyguard for punch blow 10,000 yen who are outshoot that semigoes wrong, and was possessed for magical power of money including yakuza.
    Fate of people who visited bar "shape of a coin" as last resort with aimless debt to be able to pay is ...

    (C) 2018 "zenigata" production Committee