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  • "Messiah lateral biography - pole night Polar night -"
    Pub. Date: Saturday, June 17

    Supervision, editing: Hiroki Yamaguchi
    The original, story constitution: Madoka Takadono "MESSIAH- Security Bureau special public peace five person in charge -" (Kodansha library)
    The cast: Hiroki Tamaki / Riyusuke Nakamura others

    Theater version where story of lateral biography that focused on sanseikoshun (do when we see and do) with lap Kosai (amaneyasuchika) of original characters appearing for series is talked about to by stage "Messiah copper no chapter" staged by elaborating of "Messiah project" that work is announced based on novel "Messiah Security Bureau special public peace five person in charge" by Madoka Takadono in the stage and drama, various media including movie in 2013.

    (C) 2017 movie Messiah lateral biography production Committee

    Pub. Date: Saturday, June 17

    Supervision: Yutaka Mizutani
    The cast: Others in the summer raw Yutaka Mizutani / Kii Kitano / Shimizu

    Light and shadow, success and failure of show business, gorgeous spotlight and soul that is inherited.
    Dream that Yutaka Mizutani continued thinking of for 40 years became one movie.

    (C) 2017 TAP Film Partners

  • "We employ child"
    Pub. Date: Saturday, June 17

    Supervision, script: Takashi Shimizu
    The cast: Hideaki Takizawa / Daiki Arioka / Kadowaki wheat others

    It is grudge of child to be the most scared in the world――
    Horror revolution that Hideaki Takizawa and Takashi Shimizu of "curse grudge" set
    Send "death" to bad adult; it is easy; use

    (C) "Child uses" 2017; production Committee

  • "King Arthur"
    Pub. Date: Saturday, June 17

    Supervision: Guy Ritchie
    The cast: Charlie Ha Nam / Jude Law others

    Stand in top in one of them!
    New sense SORD action!
    ndayona which flies in game, and includes
    Sense refreshment and a sense of reality bodily!


  • "Girl who calls poor student star of magic course Senior High School for theater"
    Pub. Date: Saturday, June 17

    The original: *shimatsutome (surprise library)
    Supervision: Yoshida risako
    The cast: Yuichi Nakamura / Saori Hayami / Uchiyama evening true / jishima** / Satomi Sato others

    - - that shihatatsu* also becomes legend.
    Popular novel series of total circulation 7,700,000 breakthrough.
    Long-awaited theater filmization.

    (C) Magic course Senior High School production Committee for 2016 *shimatsutome /KADOKAWA ASCII MEDIA WORKS / theater

  • "Hacksaw ridge"
    Pub. Date: Saturday, June 24

    Supervision: Mel Gibson
    The cast: Andrew Garfield / Sam wa-shinton / Theresa Palmer / Vynce Vaughn / Luke Bracey / HUGO weaving others

    Impression product which Mel Gibson whom we appear to many topic products as actor, and Oscar had in the hand with "blurring Eve Haat" for supervisor takes megaphone, and gives off.

    (C) Cosmos Filmed Entertainment Pty Ltd 2016

  • "When again you and ~ several days you second coming (horijunzairai) ~"
    Pub. Date: Saturday, June 24

    The original: The Ashimura Tomoko "several days you second coming"
    Plan: Mukai law of nature
    Supervision: shinkawaeiyo
    The cast: Machiko Ono / Mukai law of nature others

    shinkawaeiyo such as "medical record of God" series filmizes "the what day second coming" that half life of grandmother, Ashimura Tomoko of Mukai laws of nature such as "man having tongue of God" series was described in.
    We project trace for approximately 50 years when we walked postwar days in confusion.

    (C) 2017 with "when again you ~ several days second coming ~" production Committee

  • "It is awkward that we are loved too much by older brother"
    Pub. Date: Friday, June 30

    The original: "It is awkward for Rina God that we are loved too much by older brother" at night (among Shogakukan "Sho-Comi" serialization)
    Supervision: Hayato Kawai
    The cast: Tao Tsuchiya / Ryo Katayose large / Yudai Chiba others

    Romantic comedy day about love of high school girl who makes popular girl comics of the Rina God original live-action film at night, and is tossed about to good-looking guys. Though it is Tachibana setokaha love constitution of high school girl, we are not popular at all, and confession 12 is losing consecutively now. Came over to such her suddenly; in order to find really favorite person while being popular, and being puzzled over ki; strenuous efforts surusetokadattaga…….

    (C) 2017 "older brother tops" production Committee
    (C) Night Rina God / Shogakukan

  • "Country of stealing"
    Pub. Date: Saturday, July 1

    The original, script: The Tatsu Wada X lead: Satoshi Ono X supervision: chumuragiyo
    Samurai VS stealing, curtain of come-from-behind drama open!
    War-torn country entertainment megaflick which anyone committing all kinds of battle action and ingenious scheme stratagems that huge scale, doh are showy has never seen is born this summer.

    (C) 2017 movie "country of stealing" production Committee

  • "Pirates of the Pirates of Cali bien last"
    Pub. Date: Saturday, July 1

    Summer of pirates (Pirates) comes over
    Moment of Jack spa low birth that there was not at all what was revealed until now――
    We maximize "Pirates of Cali bien", and the best mystery takes off veil at last!

    (C) 2017 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • "Go to it! Treasure hunt size adventure of Anpan-Man bulbul!"
    Pub. Date: Saturday, July 1

    Let's go to find! Your treasure thing!
    As pleasant song and dance come up a lot, we do beating time with hands in total and dance in rhythm for movie in total, and let's enjoy together together!
    The first movie is Anpan-Man!

    (C) Takashi Yanase / FROEBEL-KAN, TMS, NTV
    (C) Takashi Yanase / Anpan-Man production Committee 2017

  • "Life"
    Pub. Date: Saturday, July 8

    Supervision: Daniel esupinosa
    Script: Let lease & Paul wa-nikku
    The cast: Jake Gillen hall / Rebecca Ferguson / Ryan Reynolds others

    Ryan Reynolds of "dead pool", Jake Gillen hall of "southpaw", it is SF chiller about fear that Rebecca Ferguson of "imposshiburu / Roeg nation, astronaut of six that Hiroyuki Sanada of "SAMURAI acts in the same play, and investigated little green man WOLVERINE" face in zero gravity space of secret room mission".
    Cell of unknown living entity was gathered on Mars, and six astronauts gathered by all the countries of the world started absolutely confidential investigation at the International Space Station.
    However, we gradually evolve, and living entity grows up and begins to attack astronauts.

    (C) 2016 CTMG, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • "Flowers of Mary and witch"
    Pub. Date: Saturday, July 8

    The original: Mary Stewart (KADOKAWA)
    Supervision: Hiromasa Yonebayashi
    Producer: Yoshiaki Nishimura
    The cast: Cedar Sakihana / Ryunosuke Kamiki / Yuki Amami / Fumiyo Kohinata / Hikari Mitsushima others

    Long piece first product of sutajioponokku which producer Yoshiaki Nishimura established in the same way with work which Manager Hiromasa Yonebayashi of "The Borrower Arrietty" "mer knee of memory" dealt with after Studio Ghibli leaving the office for the first time from Ghibli and fantasy animation that it is.
    We describe adventure of girl Mary who loses the magic world because we found Flowers of witch in the original in juvenile literature "The Little Broomstick" of British writer Mary Stewart, and was crowded.

    (C) "Flowers of Mary and witch" production Committee

  • "Chapter Chapter 3 "promise" of Washio Sumi where ketsujotomo* is brave man
    Pub. Date: Saturday, July 8

    The original: Project 2H
    Plan original bill: Takahiro (minatosofuto)
    General manager: Seiji Kishi
    Supervision: Fukuoka Univ. student
    Series constitution: The Uezu truth
    The cast: Mimori suzuko / hana*kosai / flower guard yumiri / Rina Sato

    Chapter 3 of TV Sets series first "chapter of Washio Sumi" which divides six episodes into all three chapters as sequel of "ketsujotomo* is brave man" in the first half of the second "chapter of brave man that ketsujotomo* is brave man" of broadcast from October, 17, and shows theater precedence broadcasted in 2014.
    Hidden story of late brave men is recited than "ketsujotomo* is brave man" on the stage of the world two years ago.
    Fight intensifies, and brave man system evolves, too.
    Girls of sixth grader assuming severe fate spend daily life hard…….
    Commencing with Seiji Kishi of general manager, the Uezu truth of series constitution, the main staff of the TV Sets series first is called together again.

    (C) 2017 Project 2H

    Pub. Date: Saturday, July 8

    The lead: Atsushi Sakurai / Hisashi Imai / Hidehiko Hoshino / Yutaka Higuchi / Yagami tall

    Live documentary of rock band "BUCK-TICK" reaching the debut 30th anniversary in September, 2017.
    Special live "CLIMAX TOGETHER" of 1992, 2004, 2016 and "BUCK-TICK" which was held all in Yokohama Arena on September 11.
    Members look back toward this performance held in period for 12 years and let presence of the one and only that band and band called "BUCK-TICK" which continues being active without member changing since the history with fan, measure debut in 1987 have rise by tying each live again.