Guidance of event space

From JR Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit good location of a 5-minute walk

[the Koto Holl] [the Koto Holl]

Multipurpose hall "Koto Holl" of floor area 340.18m² is on AEON MALL KYOTO, the fourth floor of the Sakura building.
"Koto Holl" takes three in space that established important point in usability and is unhurried 180 accommodation possibility at table (cf. photograph).
In addition, you can use various exhibitions, meetings, events, examination Place for wide purpose.

Basic use rate

Use rate (one hour) 23,000 yen (Tax-excluded)

※We exceed use time and cannot use.
※It is at time minute that user uses including preparations, import, export at use time. In the case of use of All day, it is 11 hours.
※Use such as desk, chair costs additional charge.

The first floor of the Sakura building Center Court

Area: 140m²
Rate: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 432,000 yen (tax-included)
   Weekday 216,000 yen (tax-included)

The second floor of the Sakura building Next colonnade

Area: 80m²
Rate: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 108,000 yen (tax-included)
   Weekday 86,400 yen (tax-included)

The third floor of the Sakura building Next colonnade

Area: 80m²
Rate: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 108,000 yen (tax-included)
   Weekday 86,400 yen (tax-included)

About use rule of event space

About use application

Event space use application procedure
<please confirm event space use guidance beforehand>

(before use 2-3 months)
(1)We hear from to "event space inquiry window"
Please tell the following, confirmation matter over telephone.
・User (customer name or company name and person in charge)
・Contact information of user
・Use purpose of event space, the use date and time
We confirm the schedule space situation.


(before use 1-2 months)
(2)After examination at the secretariat, I will inform the right or wrong of the use.
Licensing is decided after examination in us.
As a result of examination, I may decline.
We may tell about the effect of use possibility at the time of (1) depending on use purpose, the use date and time.


(use 2-4 weeks ago)
(3)We carry out dead work, flow of Today's Ticket, meeting of removal work


(use Today's Ticket)
(4)Use start


(the day of the use or the next day)
(5)Removal work, restitutio in integrum work

1.  We accept application from three months ago on scheduled use date.
On account of the procedure, please contact by all means one month before use day.
2.  Please apply for procedure after filling out matter necessary for predetermined paper.
Licensing is decided after examination in us.
As a result of examination, I may decline.
  ※We do not carry out telephone, oral reservation.
※You submit schedule table and document of use machine parts within one week before use day, and please make arrangements with person in charge about preparations and use of facilities.
※Use rate refers to "basic use rate". But, as a general rule, for period of service, we include time for clearing from preparations.
※Contents of entertainment were held by responsibility of sponsor, and we do not chase all responsibility because of the contents.
※Other precautions explain in meeting.
※When use of hall is canceled, on account of the user, cancellation fee is caused. Cancellation fees are as follows

TimeCancellation fee
Seven days ago on use day 20% of basic use rates
The day before on use day 50% of basic use rates
Use daily allowance day The total amount of basic use rate

Request in use of other hall facilities

1. Please be punctual.
  ・Specialty store becomes sales people of from 10:00 to 21:00. We can hold special event until from 10:00 to 21:00.
2. You do entering a shop procedure in AEON MALL Disaster Prevention center, and, at the time of entering a shop, please attach "identification of entering a shop".
3. In the case of preparations (import), clearing (export), please submit "entering a shop work notice" beforehand.
  ・As for the import to Place, export is from 21:00 until 10:00.
  ・When you use vehicle import, export mouth by import, export of household articles, please use between from 6:00 to 22:00.
4. When accident occurs to person in charge, performer, participant by natural disaster, theft, blackout, other accidents of (including carrying in/out) under use of hall,
  The responsibility cannot be due to our hall without gross negligence.
5. For unexpected accident and disaster, person in charge always clarifies the location, and please get this hall and communication anytime.
6. In addition, on refuge instruction at the time of disaster occurrence, I would like cooperation of all manager for use and the staff.

About use Today's Ticket

1. User, please contact Today's Ticket, event space person in charge by all means.
2. Please carry out the Place construction, removal in sponsors.
3. Facility, use such as equipment and operation, please obey instructions of person in charge by all means.
4. I decline distribution advertising, endowment, showpiece, shooting, recording without consent of our hall firmly.
5. In use, about management of display of indoors (including carrying in/out) and rearranging of the visitors, please go in sponsors.
  In addition, about human material accident that we occurred in the meantime, we do not take responsibility at all.
6. Please handle disposal of cleaning inside and outside the hall during period of service and garbage in responsibility of user.
7. All the things which you used go back up at original position, and please receive inspection of person in charge.
  Please handle in responsibility of user by any chance when you are damaged and are lost.
8. I decline carry-on of dangerous materials, fire to hall firmly.
9. You placard wall, pillar, glass surface inside and outside the Place without permission, and please do not perform nailing.

About acceptable use policy (suppression of the use)

We use event space for the purpose of offering ease and pleasure to customer and local all of you who came.
As a general rule, we prohibit use about next.

■We violate law.
■Thing against public order and morals or obscene thing.
■We violate trust of another person or honor, privacy.
■We use trademark, copyright without permission without permission.
■We might hurt dignity such as domestic and foreign nations, races.
■It is accompanied by sale act in the field.
■Thing of political or religious invitation.
■We disturb our administration, use.
■With antisocial power is thought that is related.

In addition, in the case of next, we may cancel licensing.

1. About changes such as purpose of use, contents beforehand of proposal when there is not.
2. When we violate use rule or when person in charge considers that danger of diversity is expected in use.
3. When fact that received licensing by false application, other frauds becomes clear.
4. When we transfer right of use and make sublet.
5. When, in other management, we are recognized as trouble or inadequacy.
6. When it is against purpose purpose of our hall. In addition, we do not take all responsibility about the damage accompanied with licensing cancellation.
7. In the case of cancellation (when we cannot use in unexpected accident or disaster) of use by inevitability, the front payment pays back.
8. We might give inconvenience to other users and neighborhood.
9. When you were not able to pay charge by set day.

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